Updating escd success verifying dmi pool data

22-Dec-2017 17:42

Before replacing any hardware, we first recommend you erase everything on the hard drive and start over.

If you're unable to reinstall the operating system your computer may have a hardware issue and it's suggested that the hard drive be replaced.

From your last post it seems that the BIOS does not actually hang, but is probably waiting for something (which is different of 'hang' state) or has done its job but the subsequent process (loading OS maybe? Some BIOS programs (even on some modern boards) are so stupid that they don't even try to boot from other available media if you have not included it in its boot sequence and in correct order.

The System Management BIOS (SMBIOS) is an extension of the Basic Input Output System (BIOS) that formulates and delivers this information to the operating system. In short, when the BIOS is "Verifying DMI pool data" it is verifying the table of data it sends to the operating system (Windows, etc.). I was running Ubuntu with an uptime for some two weeks or so.After downloading Black Mesa Source today, I attempted to boot into Windows 7 to install the recently released mod but I got an error message before Grub2 loaded. I then booted my Ubuntu Live disc and Googled the error message.I cant recall exactly what it was that nudged me towards the conclusion that it was my two mass storage USB sticks plugged into my PC.

I have my boot priority in my BIOS set to USB-HDD, CD Drive and then hard disk.

All of a sudden today, I go to reboot and start up and my pc gets past posting and sticks on "Verifying DMI pool data" then "booting from CD"There is no disc in the CD drive.